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Jennocrypto Research Department offers clients premium technical analysis and research products developed by a leading team of financial and economic experts. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, our analyst produce high quality technical analysis and macroeconomic reports available to clients on daily basis. Our services include:

  • Financial Advising
    We provide honest and professional investment services to all of our clients. As a successful Cryptocurrency Trader, we always put your financial interests first, allowing me to provide you with personalized strategies and professional advice. My priority is helping clients maximize their investments in both the short and long-term future.
  • Wealth Management
    This represents an integral part of your financial investment strategy, and should not be overlooked. We have the extensive knowledge and experience you need when planning for your trading success, and we are here to help you. Get in touch and find out how we can tailor my approach to meet your needs.
  • Investment Planning
    We use leading financial principles in all the work I do with clients. The outcome is an extremely diversified, high-yield portfolio, strategically designed to optimize risk return ratios as often as possible. We help to analyze various investment scenarios, and work closely with each client in order to select the best options.


    We have studied the Bitcoin marketplace very closely, as well as other digital currencies,acquired the best mining equipments(Antminer S9 14.0 TH/s), and we have build BOTS with AI (Artificial Intelligence). We have also created a database with all the trading volumes available on digital currencies and which is updated daily, allowing the bots to spot different patterns in price movement. The BOTS use different strategies, and they are capable of adapting to any online trading platform. Simple BUY and SELL orders (calculated by complex algorithms) placed on different trading platforms have the leverage and ability to manipulate the markets. Most days Jennocrypto will earn much greater than stipulated 4-10% profit. However, they will hold the extra income as reserves for days when they do not reach their mark. This will allow our market to be fully sustainable for many years to come.

    Jennocrypto Account managers are part of the original groups of binary operators that launched the Forex trading revolution. In just a few years Forex has become one of the most accepted investment vehicles in the marketplace. Most of the original Forex companies have fallen to the wayside and only a few have managed to grow in this ever changing and expanding industry. Our binary Traders has continued to upgrade their trading platform, adding new trading styles and methods while adding a larger variety of assets. Over the years Jennocrypto Trades has grown while building a global reputation based on fairness, honesty and transparency along with innovation and flexibility. Jennocrypto Trades is known for its outstanding customer support, customer service, education and reliability.




The system enables quick actions. When you ask for withdrawal of funds, it is performed instantly & does not involve any human interference.



Our goal is to secure the investors' funds at the highest level, it is the same as keeping your funds in a bank. The system will allow a user to operate with the account only after authorization.



The system is designed so that everyone will be able to control all transactions inside JennoCrypto account.



Cash out your interest and investment with ease.

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